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Zehnder heat recovery ventilator

Zehnder Heat Recovery Ventilation Units

Zehnder heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) and energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are high-quality passive house-certified systems for bringing fresh air into your home and exhausting stale air, while at the same time recovering most of the energy from the stale air. In addition to the main heat recovery unit, the Zehnder ComfoSystem is a suite of all the necessary components to create a complete ventilation system including ducting, diffusers, pre- and post-heaters, controls, etc.

Airtight Engineering is the official Zehnder distributor for Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If you are looking to purchase a Zehnder system, to learn more about Zehnder’s products, or to request maintenance on your Zehnder system, please fill out the form below.

Zehnder ComfoAir system components ecosystem

To learn more about Zehnder ventilation systems, visit the Zehnder America website, or watch this video.

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