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We create building energy models that help you create a more efficient, comfortable, and resilient building. Our models help both new and existing buildings to optimize energy use, assess feasibility of energy efficiency measures, qualify for green building funding streams and certifications, and meet energy code requirements.

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Building Energy Assessments

We perform energy assessments of existing buildings using tools such as thermography cameras, blower doors, and energy modeling software to help you understand your building’s energy use. This information is then used to develop energy efficiency measures for the building envelope and mechanical system. 

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Mechanical System

We specialize in designing high-performance heating, cooling, ventilation, and plumbing systems for sustainable buildings, including Passive House, net zero energy, and off-grid projects. We combine careful design with the latest technologies and systems to help you create or retrofit a building for the future. 

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Building Science

We develop and deliver building science and energy efficiency training programs for a variety of audiences. Whether it is a 1-hour lunch-and-learn, or a week-long training program, we want to share knowledge and inspire others to create more energy-efficient buildings. 

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Passive House Design

The Passive House Standard is the most stringent building energy efficiency standard in the world. Our team includes Certified Passive House Consultants and Tradespeople who can help you get your Passive House new build or retrofit project from conceptualization to Passive House certification.  

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Passive Greenhouse Design

A “passive greenhouse” uses the principles of Passive House design to minimize greenhouse heating, cooling, and ventilation energy. We design and commission passive greenhouses that operate efficiently in cold Canadian climates to encourage resilient local food systems.   

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